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Happy New Year!

Posted by Elsa - Dec 31 2014 08:17 AM

Welcome to the future everybody!



Merry Christmas everybody!

Posted by Elsa - Dec 24 2014 08:52 PM

Reporting in from future land where I've already gotten all my presents!!!
Merry Christmas for everybody, i hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and if it sucks, come past Teamspeak and drown your sorrows in some DTA!!

Scheduled Outage

Posted by Elsa - Dec 18 2014 05:16 AM

Hey Guys,


just putting up a quick post about an outage coming up,


between 00:00 and 03:00 UTC on the 20th-21st of December we'll be preforming infrastructure upgrades, the software on the server is a bit outdated and needs a refresh.


all services will be down, this includes, but not limited to:




Game Servers
Launcher Services



The outage is a estimated outage period, it should take a shorter amount of time.


Converted timezones:

UTC-6 (CST) 14:00

UTC-8 (PST) 16:00

UTC-0 (GMT) Midnight between 20th and the 21st

UTC+11 (AEDT) 11:00

For any questions regarding the outage please email outages@catalyst-hosting.net



The Management

APB Christmas 2014 Seasonal Map Event

Posted by ChopBam - Dec 02 2014 11:08 AM

Hi everybody, it's that time of year again!

xmas-ss-1.jpg xmas-ss-2.jpg

Changes from last year:
  • Christmas lights go all around the map, instead of just behind each team's barracks. Red Christmas lights are now behind the Soviet barracks, and blue behind Allied.
  • Added snow to the tops of the rocks and barracks.
  • Added a cloak or die crate, it will spawn in one of the non-barracks corners, and it's a 1/3 chance that you will die, get a stealth powerup, or turn into something sinister. Spawn delay is 120 seconds.
  • Removed from regular crates these powerups: limited weapon pickups, refills, and stealth. Added a special powerup.
  • Replaced one of the corner colt powerups with an AP HandCannon.
  • Added PTs and spawns behind both barracks.
The map will come up in the server rotation every few rounds.

Edit 12/4: The map has been updated!

Outage - Network

Posted by Elsa - Nov 23 2014 07:33 AM

We'll be having a network outage 12 hours from this post to adjust firewalls on 2 separate endpoints.

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