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Forums being Shutdown

Posted by Catalyst - May 29 2016 02:55 PM

These forums will be shutdown at the end of June.


If you require any data from them please contact a member of the staff team and they'll be happy to assist.


The Future of Red Alert: A Path Beyond

Posted by FRAYDO - Jan 13 2016 05:26 PM

Red Alert: A Path Beyond is not over. Read more at W3D Hub.

Game Over

Posted by TruYuri - Jan 10 2016 09:45 PM

Official support for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has ended. A message from the team here.

At Path's End

Posted by TruYuri - Jan 10 2016 09:45 PM

It took a long time, but we've reached the end of this journey.
Red Alert: A Path Beyond started in 2003, not long after the release of Renegade. It's been graced with work from many contributors, under many roles. Producers, co-producers, artists, programmers, network administrators, public relations, and probably a few others. It's been a fantastic way for budding developers to get a jump start on their career. Hell, just for me, APB was a large contribution to getting my own game programming internship and my current software engineering role. Others on the team have undoubtedly included it within their own résumé, as well.
Suffice to say, APB and Bluehell Productions have meant a lot to many people over the years. And make no mistake, it's been one hell of a ride. The Reborn split, the emergence of Bluehell Productions, media coverage (several magazines!), the rejoining of Reborn, the split (again) of Reborn with Apocalypse Rising to w3dhub, among others. Shotguns that look like concrete, unfulfilled promises of giant ants, incest villages, and countless other dramabombs, I Think. Alas, we've even endured the very real passing of members of our community, such as Zonekill9 and DJBloodmoss.
We've been through a lot together. Unfortunately, the team has grown apart, grown busy, and grown disinterested. The playerbase has simultaneously dwindled only to the most dedicated. Most of the developers that remain no longer possess the time or inspiration to continue progress. Now, then, is when we must look realistically at the state of APB, and to the future of Bluehell Productions. In mind: new technologies, new experiences, new ideas.
As you may have noticed, Delta is hosted by w3dhub. This is because with the release of Delta, Bluehell Productions doesn't intend any further official developer support. We are, essentially, done. We may, at most, provide patches that address Delta's major issues. You'll very likely see us jumping in to play every so often. We may even cry a little when we do.
We, as a team, all members past and present, would like to thank you for your endless support over the past 13 years. It really has been a hell of a ride, and it's brought us great joy to see others enjoy our hard work. You've been just as big a part of this project as we have. Without you, the project meant so little.
Yet, a path beyond this one we've started down has been revealed to us, and we intend to follow it as loyally as we did the first. We'll meet you up ahead.
With gratitude,
Bluehell Productions

Red Alert: A Path Beyond Delta Release!

Posted by FRAYDO - Jan 09 2016 01:37 PM



Today is the day, comrades. The latest version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been released!


Much time has been put into improving the game, and the APB development team is glad to finally make it available. Before you rush off to downloading, have a quick rundown of what has changed from the previous Gamma version.


A Path Beyond Delta :allied:



  • Naval combat has been reintroduced
  • Snipers reintroduced
  • Tech Level determined at the start of the round
  • Tech Level unit structure reworked
  • Sprinting has been added, which is done by holding [Shift]
  • Regeneration has been added; Infantry will recover to 75% of their health, armour remains depleted.
  • Aiming penalties factor in; Standing, running, crouching and jumping will affect your accuracy.
  • Team info/base info popups bound to B and M
  • Updated models for several infantry and vehicles
  • Updated textures for infantry, vehicles, and buildings
  • Jukebox feature added
  • Substantial performance improvements
  • Maps have been vastly revamped and improved; in fact, have some previews!

The maps contained in this release (click for big)




  • and more! Much more features and improvements, which you'll have to see in-game!

Both the staff members and testers have worked very hard to make this possible, and it's thanks to them we are here today! It has been a pleasure to work on this, and it has been a blast to test and play this extensively. We hope you enjoy this update.


Now, soldier! Get to the W3D Hub Launcher and grab it!



See you on the battlefield!

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