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more (it's tiring, i know!) website updates

Posted by Elsa - Oct 16 2014 02:34 AM

We've taken off the SSL required setting for the forums, for some people this was causing some problems loading images and whatnot.


however, your logins are still protected by SSL.


if you have problems logging in / logging out you'll need to clear your cookies!


UPDATE: Things seem pretty broken right now, i've gotten the board support provider involved.


UPDATE: All fixed, was a session problem on the BHP launcher.

TeamSpeak 3 Server down currently

Posted by Elsa - Oct 07 2014 05:31 PM

Oct 7

Hey all, be aware that the Teamspeak server is down currently, we're investigating the root cause and will have it up soon.


Oct 8

UPDATE: a temporary server has been provisioned, still attempting to resolve the root issue.


Oct 10

UPDATE 2: The original server has been restored please continue using it!


Thanks all for your patience.


Also a Friendly reminder that you should be connecting on ts.bluehellproductions.com!

Brand new APB Blog

Posted by Chronojam - Oct 07 2014 03:39 PM

We've got a fresh APB dev blog update for you to read over, with a couple of new staff members, new armor allocation diagrams, HUD updates, and a preview of the new Medium Tank. Have a look! We've also got some site enhancements to mention. For example, you can now reach our site by punching bluehell.productions directly into your address bar.



OpenRA servers

Posted by Souljack - Sep 20 2014 01:48 PM

Bluehell Productions now has OpenRA servers!

We now have Bluehell Productions dedicated servers for the Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods in the OpenRA server browser!
We have public and private lobbies, and a channel to play games on our Teamspeak.

What is OpenRA?

OpenRA is a Libre/Free Real Time Strategy project that recreates the classic Command & Conquer titles.
We include recreations of C&C (Tiberian Dawn), C&C: Red Alert, and Dune 2000. These are not intended to be perfect copies, but instead combine the classic gameplay of the originals with modern improvements such as unit veterancy and the fog of war.
OpenRA's primary focus is cross-platform multiplayer between Windows, OS X, and Linux; however, we include a number of single-player missions, and also support skirmish games against AI bots.

How do I play?

Just download OpenRA and join us for some games! We play team games, free for all or spectate!
Come on our Teamspeak to play with us and join for big matches!
You don't have to have a microphone to use teamspeak, but it helps.
Get the game here!
You can get teamspeak for free here!
Teamspeak server address: ts.bluehellproductions.com

Server Upgrade

Posted by Elsa - Sep 15 2014 04:55 AM

You'll remember that about a month ago we had some really weird connectivity issues,

Awkwardly enough, we ran out of Capacity on our server box.

In the last month, we've moved all our services over to a new server, which runs super fast now!

We're not having any more performance issues :) :)

Forum Changes

  • You'll notice some more reliability on the server - we've been having some tiny database timeouts lately and that's been sorted out
  • SoundCloud support - See this thread for an example

Game Servers

  • Introducing: 38 Player APB & TSR Servers!

As apart of the upgrade we've been given Faster CPUs - this allows us to have more players!!!
We'll need to do some stress testing, so get all your friends ingame!

  • New Bandwidth Mitigation tool, so don't be alarmed if you get a message saying your Bandwidth settings have changed!

As always, if you have any problems, feel free to contact either Myself, Souljackor Rantanplan, who has recently been added to the staff team with the role of Server Support.

See you in-game!!!!

Live Game Server List ONLINE
0 / 38
Live Game Server List ONLINE
0 / 38
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