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Bluehell Productions Q&A Podcast

Posted by Souljack - Aug 21 2014 11:39 PM

Hello again everyone!

We got together on TeamSpeak and held our Q&A Event recently! We've taken the time to answer your questions from this thread. We will release a video including this with some of our gameplay footage in about a week.

BHP Q&A Podcast

We hope you enjoy this, see you ingame! :D

Service Availability

Posted by Elsa - Aug 13 2014 10:38 PM

Hi all,


we'll be preforming server maintenance over the next week while we prepare to move to a new server.


things will be up and down until the new box is happy and stable. I'll make up to date posts on progress in this thread.

A new version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been pushed to the launcher for download but this time it comes from an unexpected source.


Community member Pyryle has been working hard (with the help of suggestions from other members) to make a new balance patch to deal with issues currently plaguing the previous version of APB. Thank you, Pyryle and everyone else who helped make this patch a reality.






You can check out the changelog below:


General/Both Sides
- Tech Levels have been removed. You now receive a notification of the map's set tech level.
- Gameplay has been completely rebalanced. Look at the changes of each side for more detailed information.
- M60/PKM rate of fire increased to 12 (was 10)
- M60/PKM SprayAngle increased to 1 (was 0.8 ) - They are slightly more inaccurate now.
- M60/PKM damage increased to 12 (was 11)
- Shotguns' primary/secondary fire bullet velocities increased to 390 m/s (was 350 m/s)
- AI Ore Trucks' engine power increased to 45,000 (was 40,000)
- AI Ore Trucks' health and armor decreased to 800/800 (was 1,200/1,200)
- Player Ore Trucks' engine power increased to 900 (was 850)
- Player Ore Truck's health and armor decreased to 800/800 (was 999/999)
- Tank turret rotation speeds have been significantly reduced.
- Engineers now have a more powerful repair tool than the technician's (-13 vs. -10 damage)
- Engineers' golden wrench repair reduced to -100 (was -195) - Engineers now need to use all swings of the golden wrench to fully repair a vital building from 1 HP. Construction Yard and Service Depots are exempt from this, as they have different health values.
- A-Bomb Signal Flare health reduced to 100
- Demolition Trucks no longer have a purchase limit.
- Demolition trucks' charge time reduced to 0.5s (was 1.5s)
- All pistols fire at a fixed rate again. No more click-spamming required.
- Pistols' rate of fire set to 5.
- Sounds have been modified to the following weapons: PKM, M60, M16, light tank cannon, heavy tank cannon
- Several maps have been modified. For details, see MAP CHANGES below.
- Game information screen (while pushing "K") now has building information again.

- M16 has been reverted back to Beta Stats. Primary is full-auto while secondary is the 3-shot burst.
- M16 burst SprayAngle set to 0.15
- M16 burst rate of fire set to 2
- M16 bullet velocity increased to 390 m/s (was 340 m/s)
- Colt .45 warhead changed to Shrapnel_NoBuilding (was HollowPoint)
- Colt .45 damage reduced to 30 (was 40)
- LAW rocket velocity increased to 125 m/s (was 90 m/s)
- LAW projectile damage increased to 145 (was 125)
- LAW secondary fire now fires the same round as the primary - There happened to be an overlooked discrepancy where the secondary actually traveled at a slower speed compared to the primary in the public version. This has been fixed now.
- RedEye SAM rocket speed increased to 200 m/s (was 140 m/s)
- Light Tank engine power decreased to 3,000 (was 5,000)
- Light Tank TractionMultiplier decreased to 0.9 (was 1.8 ) - Light tanks can no longer climb up steep terrain effectively.
- Light Tank Mass increased to 650 (was 500)
- Light Tank shell velocity increased to 175 (was 150)
- Light Tank shell damage increased to 58 (was 51)
- Phase Tank rate of fire decreased to 2.4 (was 4)
- Phase Tank rocket velocity increased to 95 (was 73)
- Phase Tank AT (primary) rocket damage increased to 60 (was 50)
- Phase Tank AP (secondary) rocket damage increased to 30 (was 25)
- Phase Tank AP (secondary) splash damage reduced to 28 (was 35)
- Ranger engine power reduced to 600 (was 1,000)
- Ranger TractionMultiplier reduced to 1.0 (was 3.0) - Rangers can no longer climb up steep terrain effectively.
- Ranger mass increased to 750 (was 500)
- Longbow rocket velocity increased to 95 (was 90)
- Artillery shells now share the same velocity/gravity stats as the V2 Launcher's secondary fire.
- Ranger/APC M60 rate of fire increased to 13 (was 10)
- Ranger/APC M60 SprayAngle increased to 0.5 (was 0)
- Ranger/APC damage increased to 13 (was 10)
- Pillbox bullet velocity increased to 395 m/s (was 350 m/s)

- AK-47 primary rate of fire increased to 7.75 (was 7)
- AK-47 secondary SprayAngle reduced to 3.5 (was 4)
- AK-47 bullet velocity increased to 390 m/s (was 350 m/s)
- RPG-7 primary rocket speed increased to 150 m/s (was 85 m/s)
- RPG-7 anti-air rocket speed increased to 275 m/s (was 250 m/s)
- Heavy Tank engine power reduced to 23,000 (was 25,000)
- Heavy Tank shell velocity increased to 175 m/s (was 150 m/s)
- Mammoth Tank engine power reduced to 27,000 (was 33,000)
- Mammoth Tank shell velocity increased to 175 m/s (was 150 m/s)
- Mammoth Tank rocket velocity increased to 95 m/s (was 80 m/s)
- Hind Autocannon projectile damage reduced to 0.5 (was 13.6)
- Hind Autocannon projectile changed to Steel_NoBuilding (was Hind)
- Hind Autocannon splash damage increased to 70 (was 25)
- Hind Autocannon splash warhead changed to DragonBreath (was Shrapnel)
- Hind Autocannon splash radius reduced to 3 (was 4)
- Hind ammunition loadout changed to 25/125 for 150 total rounds (was 20/120, 140 total rounds)
- Tesla Tank chargeup has been removed.
- Tesla Tank primary SprayAngle increased to 0.3 (was 0)
- Shock Trooper chargeup has been removed.
- Shock trooper's crackling electricity loop while firing has been restored.
- Shock Trooper fires from the hip again instead of the shoulder
- Shock Rifle SprayAngle increased to 0.3 (was 0)
- Flamethrower's suicide splash warhead chanaged to AntiPersonnel (was Explosive)
- Flamethrower's suicide splash damage reduced to 120 (was 275)
- Flamethrower's suicide splash radius reduced to 8 (was 10)
- Grenadier's death splash damage reduced to 140 (was 250)
- Volkov's napalm grenades now explode on impact (used to be a timed explosion)
- Volkov's primary AT cannon rate of fire increased to 0.85 (was 0.75)
- Volkov's primary AT cannon range increased to 75 (was 60)
- Volkov's secondary AT artillery velocity increased to 100 (was 80)
- Volkov's secondary AT artillery gravity increased to 3.5 (was 3)


- Tech level reduced to 3 (was 4)

- Map is now set to daytime (was nighttime)
- Background Music changed to "Bog 2004 Mix" (was "Floating")

- Tech level reduced to 2 (was 3)
- Map is now set to early evening (was mid-day)
- Background music changed to "Ground Wire" (was "Fogger")
- Map has been reforested with more trees.

- Background music changed to "Hell March Electronica Remix" (was "Face the Enemy 2")

- Map is now set to mid-day (was morning)
- Map has been reforested with more trees.
- Tesla coil has been re-arranged to be at the center of the Soviet base.

- Background music changed to "Floating" (was "Eaten Alive")

- Tech level reduced to 3 (was 4)
- Map is now set to mid-day (was morning)

- Map is now set to dusk (was mid-day)
- Map has been reforested with more trees.
- Both bases have their rear sides walled off.
- Defenses have been re-arranged for both sides.

- Background music changed to "Scrin Chicajo Style" (was "Chaos")
- The wall section in the middle of the map has been removed.

- The map now has fog. It is no longer possible to see either base perfectly from either side.

- Re-arranged turrets defending the allied base.
- Background music changed to "Bog" (was "Arazoid")

- Background music changed to "Terminate" (was "Creeping Upon")

Outage Window - Game Servers

Posted by Elsa - Aug 07 2014 04:30 PM

We'll be taking down the Gameservers for a few hours as of 30mins from now to migrate to a new server.




Maintenance has been completed.

Say hello to Bluehell Productions' new front page, featuring a new sleek design and hopefully more inviting feel to allow a better impression when introducing your friends or strangers to the game.



Check it out live here!

Or the image below!


Let us know what you think below and report bugs here!


Credit goes to:

One Winged Angel for Design

Elsa (Catalyst) for Technical Work


Addresses to Front Page:




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