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Say hello to Bluehell Productions' new front page, featuring a new sleek design and hopefully more inviting feel to allow a better impression when introducing your friends or strangers to the game.



Check it out live here!

Or the image below!


Let us know what you think below and report bugs here!


Credit goes to:

One Winged Angel for Design

Elsa (Catalyst) for Technical Work


Addresses to Front Page:




New Testers!

Posted by One Winged Angel - Jul 22 2014 03:42 AM

We've finally made up our minds and are pleased to tell you all that we've hired a batch of fresh testers, straight from the tester oven (or something like that)!
Here's the list of people that made the cut!

  • James Rednok
  • Nosoldier
  • ganein14
  • Vilespring
  • Lavama
  • Bfranx
  • ren9999
  • metalmouth7
  • Jester
  • daves2hd
  • Kokoro92
  • SouthKoPanda
  • Generalcamo
  • KingKickAss
  • GarrettRugg
  • triattack
  • gigiben
Congratulations to you all and prepare to have a lot of pain fun testing pre-release builds of APB, TSR and AR! Commiserations to those who didn't make the cut, but do not fear! If you try again next time, your application will carry a lot more weight!
If anyone has any questions concerning what to do next, PM me, Chronojam, TeamWolf or Nodlied and we'll get you straightened out and in the loop!

Forum Changes

Posted by Elsa - Jul 16 2014 02:20 AM

You'll notice a few changes around the site - one of the most noticeable is the Installation of a new skin - Carbon Blue


it's pretty nice and will be the basis of some you-beaut new features that will be coming to a Bluehell Productions Website near you.


Stay Tuned ;)





APB Server - New Bot

Posted by Elsa - Jul 07 2014 02:25 PM

We've loaded a new bot onto the APB server - please message me / Elsa / Souljack if there are any problems.

TSR 1.1.3

Posted by danpaul88 - Jul 05 2014 10:14 AM

Reborn version 1.1.3 is now available via the launcher. This is a small patch to re-introduce maps that were removed in the previous 1.1.2 patch and address a couple of small issues. We're busy working on a much bigger patch in the background but in the meantime we hope this will tide you over whilst we get things in place for the big 1.2 patch.

Selected changes
- Added MRV veterancy
- Tweaked Knife RoF and damage slightly
- Mutant Hijacker is now invisible to radar
- Rocket warhead less effective vs infantry
- Hero units give away more points when damaged and killed
- Reduced cost of the reaper and slightly adjusted his weapons

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