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TS: Reborn - 13 March Map Patch

Posted by danpaul88 - Mar 13 2014 06:44 PM

A new patch is available on the launcher which includes a new map, Field_2. This re-imagining of field was created by Fabian and features an extensive tunnel network, multiple back entrances into both bases and a silo based economy. There is a heavy tiberium presence here which limits the amount of terrain which is suitable for vehicle usage, funnelling tanks into head to head battles to control the field.

The patch also features the latest version of scripts 4.2 and an updated version of Tiber from Timeaua which includes manual harvesting points for both teams and has a reworked silo layout to help alleviate cases where both teams destroy each others silos early in the game leaving both teams stuck with no money.

BHP site unaffected by "Heartbleed"

Posted by Chronojam - Apr 08 2014 09:27 PM

A new SSL vulnerability was discovered and odds are you've been using sites impacted by it. While Bluehellproductions.com is unaffected, if you used the password you use here at another site, you should hurry up and change it as soon as possible.

New APB Blog

Posted by Chronojam - Mar 17 2014 03:29 PM

A new blog postis up, listing some new functionality and the current to-do list before the next version gets in your hands. Give it a look. A lot of the new features can be shared between all three main projects. The goals for the next version have been revised to have an even tighter focus to help us evaluate some of the new mechanics we've been adding, things like the locational damage, sprinting, accuracy, sneaking, health regeneration, and the like.


The changelist when it's out is going to be pretty long, come to think of it.


The latest update for Red Alert 2 Apocalypse Rising has been posted! In this update we have a video for Fort Bradley, some new naval units, the results of the Reinforcement Bay Competition and more!
Head on over here to check out what's new!

Forum Restructuring

Posted by One Winged Angel - Feb 17 2014 11:34 PM

Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that the forums have had a bit of a shuffle around! This should hopefully lead us all towards a forum that is easier to navigate and use in general!


Here's a list of the changes that have occurred!


I'll talk you guys through the changes:


Bluehell Productions News

  • Dev blogs have been put into the same category as General News because it's technically all news.
  • Category name changed to Bluehell Productions News.
  • Dev blogs put into subcategories because they take up a lot of screen space.

Game Discussion

  • Name changed from Main Discussion to Game Discussion
  • Category moved up the list so that it's easier to find.
  • New forum section!: Help & Support! If you have a problem playing or getting the game to run, tell us!

Game Server Information

  • Game server stuff has now been lumped together in one massive category which is the goto place for all things server-related. Server status, server discussion, server rules etc. etc.
  • Rules sub-category created to give you guys quick and clear access to threads pertaining to server rules and other info.
  • Server status sub-category lists all of the statuses of the current servers!
  • A link to Steel Guardians has been put on the forum so that players with issues pertaining to their server can easily be linked there.

Everything Else

  • Category name changed to Everything Else.
  • Off-Topic moved to the top of the list.
  • Game Replays moved under Command & Conquer


We all hope that you enjoy these new changes!

TS: Reborn - 2 February 2014 Hotfix

Posted by danpaul88 - Feb 02 2014 10:11 AM

A small hotfix is going live on the launcher and the servers to address the following issues;

- TS_Crossroads: Replaced Nod Harvester with new style AI logic
- Veterancy icons are now hidden when a unit is stealthed or in a vehicle
- Fixed a few bugs with the veterancy code (double weapons, promoted on starting map)

TS: Reborn - 2 February 2014 Balance Patch

Posted by danpaul88 - Feb 01 2014 04:41 PM

The 1.1.1 patch is now available on the BHP Launcher. This patch is focused on balance improvements and fixes for the veterancy logic introduced in version 1.1.

Veterancy Fixes
Elite Cadre: Added elite variant of grenade launcher weapon with a "timed explosion" grenade secondary fire
Mutant Hijacker: Fixed elite weapon and made UZI the default weapon when purchased
Engineer (both): Fixed elite perk (repairing vehicles whilst driving)
Medic: Toned down self-healing at all veterancy levels
Cyborg Commando: Reworked elite weapon to have the flamethrower as a secondary fire
Base: Increased veterancy points earned for attacking and repairing buildings

Balance Changes
Artillery: Changed armour profile from "Heavy" to "Medium"
Tick Tank: Changed armour profile from "Medium" to "Heavy" and increased health and armour
Tick Tank: Now does the same damage deployed and undeployed, instead gains extra range and a faster RoF when deployed
Tick Tank & Titan: Retuned weapon ranges (Tick < Titan < Deployed Tick)
Titan: Reduced damage slightly
Attack Bike: Increased weapon damage and the squish velocity (speed required to run infantry over)
HMRLS & Orca: Retuned the warhead to be tougher on vehicles, less effective vs infantry
Orca: Reduced explosion damage
Banshee: Increased attack damage, projectile turning radius and ammo capacity
Cyborg Reaper: Now has the Cyborg armour type and is thus vulnerable to sniper weaponry

Map Changes
TS_Seclusion: New name for TS_Mutation

Misc. Changes
Elite Cadre: Removed Q to switch system, you just get two weapons now
Devils Tongue: Increased turning speed
Harvesters (AI): Now tougher to kill and worth no points for attacking to prevent point whoring
Ghoststalker: Changed the radar blip type to "Objective" to match Cyborg Commando
Repair Depot: Removed the "press . to repair" - repairs are automatic now (if you can afford it)

APB Words Time Again

Posted by Chronojam - Jan 27 2014 05:56 PM

While we're definitely a pack of lazy layabouts from time to time, we've actually been working on a lot of changes that we had been talking about last year, including the return of naval maps, infantry and tank changes, that sort of thing. I've posted some fresh words about infantry, vehicles, and radar in our APB dev blog section. Have a read of it! Spoiler alert, snipers are back.




Next week will have pictures and some video for you as well, because we have some new sights and sounds you'll probably like.

SG Gameserver Upgrade and throwback event

Posted by triattack - Jan 27 2014 08:02 AM

As you may know the sg server had some SFPS issues.
This is one of the reasons we upgraded to a dedicated server.
The server move will happen around 22GMT and the server will be down.
The downtime depends on how long it takes to update the server and the time it takes to move the server files.
To celebrate the new server we are going to do a new throwback event. The 1.2.0 throwback server will be running 1.2.0 with scripts 4.0 and the event will start on the first of February.
I hope I have Informed everybody early enough about the downtime.
If you have any questions please post them here.

Happy New Year~

Posted by Chronojam - Jan 01 2014 04:39 AM

Welcome to 2014, everybody.