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RA:APB Economy Overhaul

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Tester Raptor29aa has posted a topic in General Discussion titled "New Economy Proposal" and as the name suggests, it's a place to discuss changes to the income system we have right now. We've been bouncing some ideas around internally for a while, and getting some community feedback would be nice; a fresh set of eyes might spot things we hadn't thought of. Have a look. He's included a list of proposed cash bounties for attacking enemy units and rewards for repairing base structures.

Until recently, we had no way to really isolate points for damaging or repairing vehicles, infantry, and structures, and we really didn't have a good way to decouple points from cash (it was basically a fixed ratio, so old tests that changed the point system also accidentally caused much higher cashflow). We've got a bit more flexibility now and can try things such as "one credit per second of repairs" or "one third of a unit's cost is given as a bounty" or "no cash for repairs, but cash for damaging buildings."

So take a look.
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